Acculturation and Immigration Support

The acculturation process affects both young and old; youngsters are burdened as translators and decision makers long before their time. The elders  long to return to the country of their birth where gender roles are more defined. Our counseling services address the unique challenges inherent to immigrating and acculturating to a new host country.


Programs for Men

Our male run groups target the lack of support men experience while liivng in a world with few heroes. Having few role models contributes to higher rates of stress, increased anxiety and strained relationships. Our male run groups empower men to live nobler lives. 


Program for Women

Bolstering self-esteem, releasing pent up emotions, and providing clarity is the goal of the individual and group sessions. Finding the underlying feelings and internal negative dialogue is the most important factor in producing giant shifts in perceiving the world as a loving place. 

Program for Children  

Our center provides service to children in many settings such as; home, school and hospital bedsides. One of our therapeutic tools is the use of art; we use art to build rapport, unearth  truth, and intervene with problematic behaviors. Our services extend to school personnel. We provide workshops which identify children at risk for: depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD and other developmental disorders. We also provide training to parents on how to be a good enough parent;


Individual and Couples Counseling

Our counselors listen sensitively to discern where the struggles lie; and how problems manifest. Counselors skillfully assess the motivation of each client to resolve challenges. The counselor provides goals and tools for cultivating a more satisfying union.Our counselors allow clients to express in their own words the immediate problems for which he or she is seeking therapy. Clients discuss current themes; recent stressors, etc; goals are collaborately set by client and therapist. 


  Family Caregiver Support Groups

Our counselors provide a safe environment where all clients share struggles with caring for a love one that is physically and/or mentally declining. Clients benefit from the group process in that they no longer feel alone.


In Home Counseling and Outreach Assistance

Our counselors visit clients in home settings and outside; counselors listen to the needs of clients and provide counseling, and referrals.


Educational Training

Our agency provides educational training and supervision for all counseling disciplines: We facilitate educational experiences. Our supervisors are both experienced and knowledgeable regarding the evolving needs of students as they progress towards licensure. For applying please contact us.


Art therapy

Our agency provides art materials to help surface repressed emotions which can be translated into language for expression.

Our goal is to provide counseling to help individuals, families, couples and children achieve more satisfying lives. .

Our values are to respect, understand, and utilize wisdom.